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Sculpt Body Lounge

A Medispa or Medical Spa is a combination between a medical clinic and a day spa. Our are qualified to provide medical skin care treatments under the supervision of a Medical Director.

What's the difference between a Medispa and a Day Spa?

Comfort - You know you're in the right place if you feel comfortable. Ask the staff questions.

Keys to look out for: are they confident, are they knowledgeable, do they listen to you, are they not pushy? If you get a good feeling after asking yourself these questions then that might be the clinic for you.

How do I pick which Medispa is right for me?

This is an absolute must. The government of Canada does rigorous testing on machines to ensure your safety and protect the consumer. We at Sculpt Body Lounge guarantee all our devices are Health Canada Approved. However even if you do not choose us we encourage you to always do your research so here is a link to the Gov't of AB medical device fact sheet.

Does my Medispa have medical grade Health Canada devices?

We offer complimentary consultation so you feel confident choosing a treatment that is based on your budget and skin care needs!

How do I know which treatment to choose?

Please use the get help button at the top of the page 😊

I have additional questions?

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