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Sauna Blanket

Burn around 500 calories in 30 minutes with our Infrared Sauna Blanket! Apart from burning calories this blanket purifies fat cells and increases core temperature very similar to a workout. Sweat and warm heat also do wonders for the skin and can give you a healthy, youthful glow when combined with a balanced diet. Using the blanket is as simple is lying inside just like you would do with a sleeping bag!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the blanket work?

The Infrared Sauna not only purifies fat cells, but it burns calories (up to 500 calories in one full session). The Utilization of Far Infrared Ray (FIR) has been testified to be one of the most effective and scientific methods for weight-loss or body reshaping. FIR radiation penetrates under skin, muscle and bone, resulting in heat moxibustion, which speeds up blood circulation, cell activating and metabolizing of cells. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) even improves and clears cellulite

How many calories can I expect to burn?

You can expect to burn about 500 calories per session (30-minutes)

What are the key benefits to using a Sauna Blanket?

  • Burns calories and flushes out toxins/heavy metals

  • Increases metabolism and may help with weight loss

  • Promotes recovery and pain relief for those with injuries or sore muscles and joints

  • Improves blood circulation, skin regeneration, the body's ability to fight off infections and more!

Download the full Sauna Blanket benefit PDF?

Yes just click here !

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